Save Our Villages

Mole Valley District Council is run by the Liberals who seem determined to destroy our village communities rather than protect what makes them special for the generations to come.

These attacks are coming thick and fast and from many different directions:

  • The Liberal’s local plan includes building on green fields that would reduce the space between villages and see them merging together and merging into our built up market towns
  • The Liberals have chosen an electoral cycle for the District Council that will see village councillors replaced with people potentially representing vast areas stretching from Headley to Abinger Hammer, from Brockham to Charlwood and from Forest Green to South Holmwood.
  • The Liberals appear to have abandoned planning enforcement potentially letting unscrupulous developers risk the character of our villages
  • The Liberals have failed to take action on rural community safety and anti-social behaviour
  • The Liberals have expanded car parking schemes that they admit put the future of village shops in danger

We believe that it is time to stand up for our villages and the smaller community way of life. If the Conservatives were running Mole Valley we would immediately take action to stop each of these threats to our villages. We would work with local people, parish councils and resident associations to protect our village communities and what makes them special. If you believe that our villages and smaller communities have a future in Mole Valley and want to join us in our campaign, then please complete contact details box below and we will be in touch with you.


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The Conservative Plan For Mole Valley

A massive thank you to every voter across Mole Valley that backed our Conservative ideas for our local area in the recent elections. Conservative candidates gained more support than any other party and we are the only group to have more councillors now than before the elections – Thank you.