General Election Statement from the Prime Minister


A brighter future for Britain.

It’s time we had a parliament that works.

‍MPs spent the last three years arguing about Brexit. And they got nothing done. Brexit is delayed yet again and the country’s priorities have been ignored.

Response From Sir Paul Beresford MP to draft Local Plan Consultation

Sir Paul Beresford has been strongly opposed to all but the most essential of develoment on Green Belt land and has added his voice to the many thousands of Mole residents who live in the Guildford Borough part of Mole Valley and have objected to the most recent draft Local Plan. Please click the'Read News Story' button in order to see the full text of Sir Paul's submisison to the Local Plan consultation.


Councillor Charles Yarwood, Executive Member for Assets said, “Following extensive work with both Dorking Wanderers and Dorking Football Club over the last three years, Mole Valley District Council is very pleased to learn of this new initiative.”  “On completion of the football ground in Meadowbank, the football community will clearly benefit as will  Dorking town centre from an increase in visitors and a subsequent boost to footfall, positively impacting Mole Valley’s wider economy.” 

Car Parking in and around Train Stations

Enquiry: I just wanted to know if there was anything being considered in to improving the parking situation? From emails we have received, it’s particularly the parking situation in and around the Dorking and Leatherhead stations. Apparently there is nowhere to park, particularly when people need to go in to London. There is also the problem of no long term parking, only short stay, and people who go in to London cannot get back from London in time.  One lady wanted to park near Dorking or Leatherhead station to go in to London and was unable to. She needed to get the train in to London for a hospital appointment and may need to make more visits in future. She is very concerned about the parking situation.

Full House for the 2016 Youth Showcase Awards

Mole Valley’s Youth Showcase Awards ceremony on Friday 18th March at Dorking Halls was a huge success, with full house of over 700 guests. Now in its twelfth year, hosted by Mole Valley’s Youth Council, Youth Voice and supported by Mole Valley District Council (MVDC), this Oscar-style event recognises the achievements of young people in the district and those working with young people.

Mole Valley District Council is poised to submit a revised planning application for the new football ground provision at Meadowbank, Dorking.

Councillor Charles Yarwood, Executive Member for Assets said, “A revised plan has been drawn up for the Meadowbank site to provide all the exciting range of facilities of the previous application, but on a modified footprint.  Residents and visitors to Meadowbank will benefit from first class football facilities, indoor soft play, a café and toilets that will complement our fantastic new outdoor play area set to be opened this summer, whilst also delivering increased value for money for council tax payers.

Mole Valley flies the flag for Commonwealth Day

The Commonwealth flag was flying at Mole Valley District Council’s (MVDC) Pippbrook offices in Dorking on Monday. MVDC’s Chairman, Councillor Margaret Cooksey had the honour of raising the flag on behalf of the district to commemorate Commonwealth Day on Monday, 14 March.