MOLE VALLEY FREEZES PARKING CHARGES AGAIN! Exceptional Value Parking in Mole Valley

At the full Council meeting on 23rd February, Mole Valley District Council’s Executive agreed to freeze parking charges again, retaining the 60p, 1 hour charge for the seventh year in a row.  Mole Valley’s parking charges are significantly cheaper than its surrounding towns and villages, therefore residents and visitors to Mole Valley enjoy the cheapest parking charges for miles around.  

Councillor Charles Yarwood, Executive Member for Property and Parking said, “We welcome everyone to come and visit our shops and leisure offerings.  We make it attractive and easy to do so as since 2009 our prices have remained at 60p for 1 hour’s parking and a penny a minute after that.”

“We pride ourselves on our innovative approaches to parking.  We have transparent, simple charging structures in place and a range of special permits to assist those using our town centres for business and pleasure.  We have committed to finding new ways to innovate and are considering how we meet Dorking’s needs in particular, we are ready to consider the options that bring greatest benefit for all.”

Councillor Yarwood continued, “Our message is clear.  We offer the lowest parking charges for 1 hour for miles around and are continuing to do so.  We encourage people to use our shops and businesses and an hour for a 60 pence charge is long enough for them to shop and stop for a coffee.  Using our convenient RingGo service, drivers can also extend their stay if they bump into a friend and want to stay and chat, without having to return to their car.”