Car Parking in and around Train Stations

Enquiry: I just wanted to know if there was anything being considered in to improving the parking situation? From emails we have received, it’s particularly the parking situation in and around the Dorking and Leatherhead stations. Apparently there is nowhere to park, particularly when people need to go in to London. There is also the problem of no long term parking, only short stay, and people who go in to London cannot get back from London in time. 


One lady wanted to park near Dorking or Leatherhead station to go in to London and was unable to. She needed to get the train in to London for a hospital appointment and may need to make more visits in future. She is very concerned about the parking situation.



Response: Councillor Charles Yarwood, Executive Member for Property and Parking, said: “We are aware that the demand for parking in Leatherhead has increased recently, particularly for parking spaces in Randalls Road car park, a large long-stay car park (226 parking bays) that is managed by Mole Valley District Council (MVDC). Randalls Road is a popular car park with commuters given its very close proximity to the station and, as a result, the car park can be busy.


“With regards to Dorking, the three MVDC managed long-stay car parks in close proximity to Dorking station are Reigate Road, Wathen Road and St Martins Walk. We have no concerns regarding capacity in these three car parks and commuters can park there and walk to the station in around five to ten minutes.


“Parking in the train station car parks in Dorking and Leatherhead is the responsibility of Southern Rail.”


Commuters and residents are able to purchase excellent value for money parking permits on an annual or monthly basis for a number of MVDC managed car parks. For more information and to apply for a permit, please visit