2016 Local Government Candidates

Conservative Candidates – Mole Valley Local Elections 2016

Metin Huseyin - Bookham North


Metin Huseyin has lived in and around Bookham for over 30 years and is an active member of the community, involved with various clubs, events and societies. Metin is married and has three grown-up children who went to Eastwick and Howard of Effingham Schools. “I value Bookham’s community spirit and understand its concerns. I want to put my experience in the finance and business sectors to use to add value for our community and in helping residents with local issues.”

Metin has a keen understanding of planning and housing issues having had a wealth of practical experience. As a small business owner, Metin has an excellent grasp of the areas requirements for retail, business and housing.

Download Metin's full election address here.

Simon Edge - Bookham South

Simon Edge has lived in Bookham for over 20 years.  He is married with two grown-up children. A longstanding member of the Bookham Residents Association, he has been involved with 'Village Day' activities, supporting Bookham Girl Guides, and generally enjoying village life.

Simon’s professional career has been spent in public sector financial and performance audit.  He has worked for local authorities and public audit bodies like The Audit Commission, and is currently running a change programme for a national charity.  He is involved with advisory bodies on global public sector, and UK internal audit standards. Simon is also a former Chair of Surrey County Council's Standards Committee.

Simon is enthusiastic about the benefits that well-run public services such as affordable housing, education, care for the elderly, and planning, bring to the community.  He believes these are the building blocks for creating safe, sustainable and healthy places to live, work and prosper.

Download Simon's full election address here.

Lucinda Sharpe - Dorking North

Lucinda Sharpe is a midwife and a young mother, living in Dorking. She is standing for council because she believes that residents of Dorking would be best served by a representative within the Conservative Council group, so that their needs are clearly reflected and are not caught in the background noise of party politics.

Areas of particular interest to Lucinda are healthcare, and provision for children and families. She wants to engage positively rather than critically with the project at Meadowbank, and ensure that the perspective of parents of young children is well represented as the designs are refined.

If elected Lucinda also wants to support her Executive colleague for Health and Well-being, Lucy Botting, as another health professional with the skills and experience that the Council needs.

Finally, whilst experience is immensely valuable, Lucinda does not believe a “grey council” can represent a true cross-section of Mole Valley, and hopes to bring a younger perspective to the chamber.

Download Lucinda's full election address here.


Roger Jones - Dorking South

Roger Jones has lived in Dorking for 35 years and has worked in the town for most of his career. Having enjoyed a successful career in retail, Roger will bring his knowledge and tenacity to the task of reinvigorating the high street offering.

“Independent retailers are the jewel in our high street, we must act to increase the footfall or we risk losing them. I will work for our town and break the inaction by Dorking’s Councillors that has proved so costly to the vitality of our High Street”

A strong voice for Dorking, Roger has excellent knowledge of planning and licensing. People first, party second, “It is not about tackling issues in a Conservative way or in a Liberal way, it is about tackling issues in the right way for Dorking and its residents”

Roger has campaigned successfully to deliver a full study of Dorking’s traffic and will continue the fight to see congestion reduced and the right parking solution for the town delivered. 

Download Roger Jones' full election address here.


Lynne Brooks - Fetcham East

Lynne Brooks has lived in Fetcham East since 1989 and with her husband has raised her two daughter’s in the area.  Lynne has worked for financial institutions for most of her working life and now continues to work in developing projects with a medical influence. Lynne has tried to bring a strong commercial basis to her council work with a focus on long term community involvement and development.

Since elected in 2012 as a Councillor, Lynne has actively contributed to the day to day ward work within Fetcham East, with several nuisance issues and planning concerns, which has been varied and interesting. 

In the last year, due to her financial experience, she has been the Portfolio holder for Finance and Performance. This meant that services were protected despite a large reduction in financial grants from the Government, demonstrating strong conservative principles. 

Download Lynnes full election address here.

Tracey Keeley - Fetcham West

Tracy Keeley has served as a Town Councillor previously in Yorkshire, before moving with her family to Mole Valley for her daughter’s education. Tracy has a no-nonsense attitude to Council work; she does not believe in making grand promises and claiming to have everything worked out. She believes that from their Councillor most residents simply require a reliable and trustworthy person who can be called upon to get things fixed when they go wrong.

This is the aspect of public service that Tracy enjoys. She believes that residents can expect for Councillors to be focused on the problems that are within their remit, and to understand their duty to address these. Tracy wants to protect the greenbelt, to ensure our roads and pavements are fit for purpose, that drainage works properly, and that residents are confident that the infrastructure fabric of Mole Valley is in good hands.

Download Tracy's full election address here.

Terry Mayne – Holmwoods

Terry Mayne is a popular choice with locals in the Holmwoods who have told him they would like one of their own to represent them who actually turns up to Council meetings. 

“I am determined to make sure that residents of Chart Downs, Goodwyns and the Holmwoods are heard when it comes to decision making in Mole Valley. It makes me so mad that people get elected to these positions then don’t bother turning up!”

Terry is passionate about helping to create a thriving and vibrant local economy. “First stop, village shop, absolutely, we must also make sure that residents can get in the local towns what they cannot get in the local village store. I am determined to help improve the retail offering in our local high streets”

Married with 3 sons and 9 grandchildren, Terry often helps at his son’s shop in Dorking and has a keen understanding of the challenges facing the high street. Terry is also an active member of Dorking Dramatic and Operatic Society. 

Download Terry's full election address here.

James Keeley - Leatherhead North

James Keeley is standing for council in order to expand the opportunities available to residents, especially young people, as well as ensure that Leatherhead North benefits from the major scheme to transform Leatherhead.

He is particularly keen to steer development so that people are able to buy affordable starter homes, and to develop a thriving town centre with employment opportunities to allow young people to work in the area that they grew up in. Enterprise and small businesses must allowed to thrive, and alongside that every single penny of taxpayer's money has to be wisely spent, to ensure that those in need receive the safety net that they deserve.

Alongside his professional work as a Barrister, James does a lot of voluntary work, especially focused around career guidance. He has visited Therfield School to speak to the students about a career in law, and to organise for them to go up to London and discover more of what being a barrister involves.

Download James' full election address here.

Rosemary Dickson - Leatherhead South

Rosemary Dickson will be well known to many residents in Leatherhead South from her tireless and thorough attention to requests for help to sort out problems of every description, and from her visits to give advice or inspect planning application sites so that she is properly briefed.

Rosemary is actively involved in various committees, working groups and scrutiny panels as the District Councillor for Leatherhead South. Rosemary is an appointed member of the Leatherhead Town Centre Steering Group, the Leatherhead Area Partnership, the Mole Valley Local Committee and Members Reference Group for Transform Leatherhead, as well as sitting with the MP at his constituency surgeries and then tackling his constituents’ problems across Mole Valley. Rosemary is also a founder member of the Leatherhead Drama Festival and sits on its organising Committee.

Rosemary came to live in Surrey from Northern Ireland. She is married with two grown sons and two lovely grandchildren.

Download Rosemary's full election address here.

James Friend - Westcott

James Friend is 43 and has lived in Westcott for over 20 years; serving the rural community in many roles including being the first Chair of Governors at Surrey Hills Church of England Primary School, part of the Westcott Millennium Group and as District Councillor for the past eight years.

Married with two children, James is an active member of the local community, working with fellow residents to organise village events and supporting local clubs. When time allows, his other interests include sports broadcasting on non-league football for local community radio.

As an Executive Member and as Leader of Mole Valley District Council, James has acted to protect our local environment through increasing recycling and safeguarding the greenbelt. James’s top priority is supporting individuals and families in need, including through the provision of affordable homes and value for money at the council, such as the popular 1p a minute car parking.

Download James' full election address here.