Tell MVDC to back our plan for a Carbon Negative District

The Conservative District Councillors are seeking for Mole Valley District Council to replace the objective of carbon neutrality by 2030 with a more ambitious goal of aggressively pursuing *carbon negativity* within the same period.

Deputy Conservative Leader at the Council, Lynne Brooks, said 'sadly, the current Administration has undertaken limited action since declaring the Climate Emergency in June 2019 and lacked focus. Mole Valley deserves better.'

The Conservative group has put forward a 10 point plan for a carbon negative District, outlined in the image above. Mole Valley District Council has so far failed to adopt this plan. Let them know they should reconsider and back our plan by signing our petition below.

Petition: Tell Mole Valley District Council to back the Conservative Group's ten point plan for a Carbon Negative District

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The Conservative Plan For Mole Valley

A massive thank you to every voter across Mole Valley that backed our Conservative ideas for our local area in the recent elections. Conservative candidates gained more support than any other party and we are the only group to have more councillors now than before the elections – Thank you.